We will make sure that you have an adventure. You will see some of the most beautiful scenery that Wisconsin affords while pursuing it's top sport fish on the fly.

Half Day Fishing Smallmouth/Musky

​Drift Boat

$350 1-2 people
 All necessary gear and lessons are included.
4.5 hours total

SW Wisconsin Driftless fishing for trout

Looking to fish for trout in the driftless area? 

Book me through the Driftless Angler- I can take you to the hole where I  caught my first trout when I was 4.

Suggested Packing List:

Weather appropriate clothing:

Layers in cold weather/ Quick dry in warm

Waterproof jacket and pants or waders with boots.  Please no wading boot studs in the boat

Fishing Gear is provided if requested.

Anglers are welcome to bring their own rod/reel outfits - 

Bass-              7-9 weight rods

Musky-           9-12 wt rods 

Trout-             3-6 wt rods

Conventional gear for bass is welcome.


Miscellaneous Gear

Polarized Sunglasses - for eye protection as well as underwater visibility
Dry Bag - for any personal items on the boat that should remain dry

Full Day Fishing Smallmouth/Musky

​Drift Boat

$450 1-2 people

A full day includes a riverside lunch.
8.5 hours total

Central Wisconsin Trout Fishing

Central Wisconsin has many opportunities to fish for trout on the local rivers. From The Prairie, Upper Wolf, Tomorrow, to a few up north brookie streams.

Oh-- and don't forget the HEX fishing.

Full Day 2 Person-           $375

Full Day 1 Person-           $325

1/2 Day 2 Person-            $275

1/2 Day 1 Person-            $200

Night Time 1 Person

Hex/Mousing trip-           $225